Cryptartica welcomes Bitcoin Cash with open arms. The ease of transacting across the entire globe without a third party is the reason why Bitcoin was born, and we believe Bitcoin Cash best represents this vision.

As the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has been adopted by a bigger audience and has long become a symbol of novel innovation in the financial world. In the public eye, Bitcoin represents cryptocurrency – as evident by its wide media coverage and drastic increase in value over the past year. As passive observers that have been around the Bitcoin community since 2009, we have seen the development of Bitcoin firsthand. Within the past 3 years, we have grown increasingly concerned by Bitcoin’s capacity bottleneck. We have observed long enough to become disheartened by the Bitcoin’s core community inefficiency in addressing key problems surrounding the currency. We were perturbed that a world with seamless transaction might be forever lost.

The Creation of Bitcoin Cash

Our worries were not isolated; some of the Bitcoin community were also deeply concerned by the rising transaction fees and delays. For years, the community has tried to come to an agreement towards potential solutions. Yet, none has come to any substantial progress – most notoriously portrayed by the Hong Kong Consensus Agreement in 2016. In its whitepaper, Bitcoin is defined as a “A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”; Bitcoin Core developer’s decisions however, have been redefining it towards a store of value as digital gold. As transaction bottleneck issues remain unresolved, Bitcoin today imposes high barrier-to-transact towards smaller transactions, preventing seamless transactions to occur.

Bitcoin Cash was born out of the frustration deeply felt by a part of the Bitcoin community. Bitcoin Cash hard forked from Bitcoin on August 1, 2017. Bitcoin Cash aims to be “A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” that will facilitate small and the so-called micro transactions worldwide, on a P2P basis with no third party involvement.

The Creation of Cryptartica

As a long time members of the community, we found our frustration turned into excitement, when Bitcoin Cash was born. We understand that in order for Bitcoin Cash to be widely accepted, we need to start creating an option for users to spend their Bitcoin Cash. Excited about a whole new possibility on where Bitcoin Cash can go next, we created Cryptartica.

We might be newly established, but we’re committed and eager about growing the Bitcoin Cash community. Since Cryptartica’s launch, we’ve been having a lot of fun. We’re happy to see orders coming in; it shows that you put your trust in us. In fact, as we’re writing this, some orders are still on their way to someone in the community.

We’re a UK-based company but we’ve received orders worldwide. We only accept payment in Bitcoin Cash and receiving payments from across the world has never been so painless.

That is why we believe Bitcoin Cash is a game changer.

We have a lot of plans on where to go, for now, we will continue to add more merchandise to our store and focus on fulfillment of orders. Going forward in 2018, we have plans to add services around Bitcoin Cash.

It’s sad to see Bitcoin move away from the original use case, but we welcome Bitcoin Cash with open arms.