The original purpose of the Bitcoin Cash London Meetup group was to promote and support the new coin. Over the past 1.5 years, we did just that.

In total, we organised 7 successful events, which included 3 mini-conferences attended by more than 120+ members per event. Throughout the year, we built a supportive, engaging, and passionate community which was always eager to share their knowledge and welcome newcomers with open arms. Our membership grew quickly and the group now has just over 540 members.

With the most recent Bitcoin Cash split in November 2018 and our move out of London (we’re currently based in Lisbon), we need to decide on the future of the group.

We narrowed it down into two key decisions:

1) Find two new co-organisers for the group.

As we are no longer based in London, we can no longer organise events regularly. The only way to keep the group alive is if we pass on the torch to the next co-organisers, Mark Winder and Darren Eggenschwiler. Both Darren and Mark have been part of the community for a while. We are confident that they will show the same level of enthusiasm and openness that we hope to have demonstrated throughout last year.

Enthusiasm and openness are crucial when running a cryptocurrency Meetup group. Enthusiasm is obviously important when you are promoting a new technology, and we all know the cryptocurrency industry is still at its nascency. Nonetheless, openness is of outmost importance. Openness allowed us to organise events and select speakers with impartiality, regardless of our own views and opinions.

Giving our members a holistic and wholesome view of recent development should be the sole purpose of the events.

2) Help the new co-organisers decide where the group should focus their efforts from here onwards.

We have a huge dilemma to overcome following the BCH and BSV split. The group was originally created to support Bitcoin Cash (BCH), as obviously reflected by the name. However, our community is consisted of both BCH and BSV supporters with almost 50-50 split in terms of numbers. We thus cannot simply choose for our community, they have to be the one choosing where Mark and Darren should focus onwards.

We expect three distinctive scenarios:

1) The group becomes BCH or BSV exclusive, and future events will focus solely on BCH or BSV.

2) The group accommodates both BCH and BSV. Co-organisers organise events for BCH and BSV separately, alternating between events.

3) The group accommodates both BCH and BSV. All future events will focus on both BCH and BSV at the same time.

Regardless of the scenario for the group, we believe that the final decision should exclusively rely on the response from the community, and not the co-organisers decision.

With this in mind, Mark and Darren have organised the next Meetup event “Moving Forward with the Original Bitcoin” for 2nd April, 2019 from 6PM to 9PM at Cocoon Building (4 Christopher St. near Finsbury Square).

Check it out here:

The event is free, and as mentioned, aims to help the new co-organisers know where whether they should focus on organising BCH or BSV events… or both.

If you’re a BCH/BSV supporter, come and help them decide!