Since the Bitcoin Cash hardfork in November last year, Cryptartica has been in a tough spot.

As a strong believer in cryptocurrency, we were always prepared for a long haul. We understand that the cryptocurrency space is still at its infancy, and that the risk of a bear market and price volatility, along with the needs to educate the public are to be expected. Regardless of the risk, we believe that the world needs a currency that is decentralised, cheap, easy-to-use, and smart – giving economic freedom to its users.

We were inspired by the birth of Bitcoin Cash in August 2017, we saw that the new community propagated by the split from Bitcoin Core was united by a single purpose: to build a strong economy around Bitcoin and promote its use globally. Cryptartica was started in the same spirit, we hope to promote and facilitate the use of cryptocurrency through design. With the same vision and goal, we have strived to work over the past 1.5 years alongside the nascent community who is as excited about introducing Bitcoin to the world as us.

Like many others, we were taken aback by the last Bitcoin Cash hardfork in November 2018 that split the chain into two different competing coins, BCH and BSV. As a small business with limited resources, the consequences of the split are apparent to us. We lost a united community whom we have worked with since the very beginning, whom we have supported and gathered support from.

The community split and the rise of two competing coins instead of one have presented a difficult dilemma for us: which coin do we support?

We reflected hard on this question. We have to make a decision that is best for our partners – artists who have trusted us with their designs – and of course, our customers. We have thus decided that the best path for us, our partners, and customers is to support both coins.

We placed our trust in the community that split from Bitcoin Core in 2017, and we still do. The recent split between BCH and BSV do not negate the joint efforts that both sides have put into bringing Bitcoin to the world. Regardless of their differences, we are confident that both BCH and BSV communities’ end goal is to see Bitcoin successful. Our partners and customers come from both communities and we do not wish to alienate or choose any side. After all, our partners and customers are early adopters who, like us, believe and support Bitcoin.

Our main goal is first and foremost, to promote and facilitate cryptocurrency use through design. We want to educate the public about Bitcoin’s ease of use and advantages through our partners’ designs, and this is exactly what we’ll do. We have launched our fully functioning platform where you can sign-up, upload your design, and create your own product page within 5 minutes. Onwards!

Note: We accept BCH payment and are in the final stage of developing the payment processing for BSV. We will start to accept BSV payments by the first week of March.

Accepting two coins puts at greater risk of volatility, as a small company this makes it very hard for us to operate with limited resources. As such, we’ve made the choice to let the customer choose the payment coin, and the artist will get credit in that coin.